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1. What's your ODF product?
2. Do you want a market share of ODF drug into your category?
3. Do you expect to explore more business by applying the ODF drug delivery technology?
4. Do you have working experience in ODF products?
5. Are you about to make medical drug or healthcare or cosmetic film?
6. Do you have scientific team working on development of your ODF formulation?
7. Are you about to produce ODF products or buccal film?
8. Is your solvent of water based or organic based?

9. What's the thickness of dry film you produce?
10. What's the film accuracy of your products tolerant?
11. What are the advantages of intake ODF drugs?
12. Are you about to carry on pilot test or commercial production?
13. What's the temp. Setting range for your ODF film?
14. What about the strip form and strip size covered in your products list
15. Do you have variants of packaging type in different shape?

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