Mr. Quan held a sharing session at a university in Bangladesh


In 2017,the President of Bangladesh receives Mr. Quan


Mr. Quan conducts charity training in Jiangsu, China


Mr. Quan and high school alumni participate in charity auction


Aligned team participates in charity running activities


Aligned’s public welfare training is in progress


Mr. Quan attended the monthly meeting of Shenghe School

On the afternoon of April 19th, 2022, the 11 groups of offline study sessions led by Jin Jinyan went to Yanyunzhai, which was carefully arranged by the host, Mr. Zhang Jing. Everyone was fortunate enough to get to know...

全总-盛和塾 (2)

Mr. Quan Yue shared at the monthly meeting of entrepreneurs: business needs philosophy.

In the environment of frequent global epidemics and market depression, entrepreneurs who participated in Wenzhou Shenghe School rose up against the trend. Quan Yue, founder of Aligned Technology, shared at the...


Aligned Technology donated a batch of new desks to primary school in Yunnan

In order to improve the children's learning environment, Aligned Technology Co,.Ltd donated a batch of new desks to primary schools in Yunnan Province on Oct. 8 2022...