ODF commercial equipment

  • OZM340-10M OTF &Transdermal Patch Making Machine

    OZM340-10M OTF &Transdermal Patch Making Machine

    OZM340-10M equipment can produce Oral thin film and Transdermal Patch. Its output is three times that of medium-scale equipment, and it is the equipment with the largest output at present.

    It is a special equipment for laying liquid materials evenly on the base film to make thinner film materials, and adding a laminated film on it. Suitable for medicine, cosmetics, and health care products industries.

    The equipment adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control technology integrated with machine, electricity and gas, and is designed in strict accordance with the “GMP” standard and “UL” safety standard of the pharmaceutical industry. The equipment has the functions of film making, hot air drying, laminating, etc. The data index is controlled by the PLC control panel.It can also be selected to add functions such as deviation correction、slitting.

    The company provides professional technical support and after-sales service, and assigns technical personnel to customer enterprises for machine debugging, technical guidance and personnel training.