KXH-130 Automatic Sachet Cartoning machine

Short Description:

KXH-130 automatic sachet cartoning machine is a packaging machine that forms cartons, tuck end flaps and seal cartons, integrating light, electricity, gas. Suitable for automatic packaging sachets, pouch, blisters, bottles, tubes etc in healthcare, chemical industry etc. and can vary in terms of the scale of business.

Solution: Horizontal cartoning process is a convenient solution for safe, customer-friendly packaging of sachets in flap-opening boxes.

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KXH-130 Automatic Sachet Cartoning machine case
cartoning machine
cartoning machine

Work Process

Product loading
Vertical sachets transfer
Flat blank magazine and pickup
Carton erection
Product pusher
Side flap closing
Flap tuck in operation
Carton closure/End Hot spraying
Code embossing
Code Steel stamping
Carton discharge

KXH-130 Automatic Sachet Cartoning machine003


1. Integrated sachet packaging in full process for strips.
2. Vertical sachet stack unit and feeding by vacuum tucking (loading 5 or 10 or 30 pcs per box can be adjusted).
3. Full safe system to transfer sachet on compact.
4. Tooless carton changeover.
5. Complete automatic code embossing print and stamping both ends of carton.
6. Adopts an independent PLC with advanced touch screen HMI, while the electrical systems are mainly Siemens, SMC.
7. All moving parts and actuating device are operated with an auto stop mechanism using a safety cover.
8. Optimized working efficiency at every stage in the carton packaging process.
9. Product presence sensor (no product, no carton).
10. Advanced and compact construction design in GMP Compliance.
11. Highest flexibility with highly dynamic servo drives.
12. Easy and clearly organized machine operation.
13. Presence with glue closing option.

Technical Parameter



Cartoning Speed

80-120 boxes/min


Quality Requirement

250-350g/㎡[ Base on carton size ]

Dimension Range


(70-180)mm × (35-80)mm × (15-50)mm


Quality Requirement


Unfolded Leaflet Specification


(80-250)mm ×(90-170)mm

Fold Range


[ 1-4 ] Fold

Compressed Air

Working Pressure


Air Consumption

120-160 L/min

Power Supply

220V 50HZ

Main Motor Power


Machine Dimension(L×W×H)

3100mm × 1100mm × 1550mm (Around)

Machine Weight

Around 1400kg

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