OZM340-10M Transdermal Patch Making Machine

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Transdermal Patch Making Machine is a special equipment that spreads the liquid material evenly on the base film to make a thin film-like material and adds a laminated film on it. It is suitable for the industries of medicine, cosmetics and health care products.

The equipment adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control technology integrated with machine, electricity and gas, and is designed in strict accordance with the “GMP” standard and “UL” safety standard of the pharmaceutical industry. The equipment has the functions of film making, hot air drying, laminating, etc. The data index is controlled by the PLC control panel. The equipment is for the new film pharmaceutical for continuous improvement, innovation and research and development, its comprehensive performance has reached the domestic leading level, the relevant technology to fill the domestic blank, compared with imported equipment, more practical and economic.

The company provides professional technical support and after-sales service, and assigns technical personnel to customer enterprises for machine debugging, technical guidance and personnel training.

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Product performance characteristics

1. It is suitable for the composite production of paper, film, and metal film coatings.The power system of the whole machine adopts a frequency converter stepless speed regulation system. Unwinding adopts magnetic powder brake tension control
2. Adopt main body plus accessory module structure, each module can be disassembled and installed separately. Installation using cylindrical pin positioning, screw fixation, easy assembly.
3. The equipment has automatic working length recording and speed display.
4. Independent partition of drying oven, with independent automatic control of temperature, humidity, concentration and other functions, to ensure efficient and high quality production.
5. The lower transmission area and upper operation area of the equipment are completely sealed and isolated by stainless steel plates, which avoids cross-contamination between the two sections when the equipment is working, making it easier to clean.
6. All the parts in contact with the material, including the pressing roller and the drying tunnel, are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, which meet the requirements and specifications of "GMP". All electrical components, wiring and operation schemes comply with "UL" safety standards.
7. Equipment emergency stop safety device, improve the safety of the operator in debugging and mold change.
8. It has a one-stop assembly line for unwinding, coating, drying, laminating and rewinding, with smooth technology and intuitive production process.
9. The switchboard adopts split structure, and the drying area can be customized and lengthened to make the operation more smooth.

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OZM340-10M Transdermal Patch Making Machine007
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OZM340-10M Transdermal Patch Making Machine009

Main Technical Parameters

Production width 280mm
Roll surface width 350mm
Speed 1m-2.5m/min
Depends on the actual material and status
Unwinding diameter ≤φ350mm
Rewinding diameter ≤φ350mm
Heating and drying method Built-in hot air drying, centrifugal fan hot air exhaust
Temperature control RT-99℃    ±2℃
Edge thickness ±1.0mm
Power 60KW
External dimensions 9000*1620*2050mm
Voltage 380V 50HZ

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