OZM-340-4M Automatic Oral thin film making machine

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The ODF Machine is specialized in making liquid materials into thin film. It can be used to make quick-dissolvable oral films, transfilms, and mouth freshener strips, having wide application range in pharmaceutical field, food industry and etc.

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High dosing accuracy, quick dissolving,fast release, no swallowing difficulty, high acceptance by elderly and children, small size convenient to carry.

OZM-3402 Automatic Oral thin film making machine1
OZM-3402 Automatic Oral thin film making machine2

Working principle

The working principle of the machine is evenly coated a layer of liquid material on the surface of the reel base roll. The solvent (moisture) is rapidly evaporated and dried through drying channel. And winding up after cooling (or composite with another material). Then, get the final products of the film (composite film).

Performance & features

These equipment adopts frequency conversion speed control and automatic control technology of machine, electric, light and gas, and innovates the design according to the "GMP" standard and the "UL" Safety Standard of the pharmaceutical industry. The Film Making Machine has the functions of film making, air drying and other features. All the data parameters are regulated by the PLC control panel. The model is for the new thin film drugs for continuous improvement, innovation and research and development, its comprehensive performance to the leading domestic level, the technology to fill the gaps, and imported equipment more practical and economical.

Main Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Model OZM-340II
Max casting width 360mm
Roll width of film 400mm
Running Speed 0.1m-1.5m/min (depends on formula and process technology)
Unwinding diameter ≤φ350mm
Winding diameter ≤350mm
Method of heat & dry Heating by external stainless steel heater, hot air circulation in centrifugal fan
Temperature control 30~80℃±2℃
Edge of reeling ±3.0mm
Power 16Kw
Overall dimension L×W×H: 2980*1540*1900mm

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