OZM340-2M Automatic Oral Thin Film Making Machine

Short Description:

Oral thin film making machine is typically designed for manufacturing orally disintegrating films, fast dissolving oral films and breath freshening strips. It is particularly suitable for oral hygiene and food industries.

These equipment adopts frequency conversion speed control and automatic control technology of machine, electric, light and gas, and innovates the design according to the “GMP” standard and the “UL” Safety Standard of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Product Detail

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Features of Oral Films

Precise dosage

Fast dissolving, great effect

Easy-to-swallow, elderly and kid friendly

Small size, easy to carry

OZM Film Making Machine003

Technical Specifications

Max. film width 360mm
Roll width 400mm
Production speed 0.02-1.5m/min (depends on actual status and material)
Unwinding diameter ≤φ350mm
Winding diameter ≤φ350mm
Heating and drying method External stainless steel electric heating tube for heating, centrifugal fan for hot air circulation
Temperature control 30-100℃±0.5℃
Reeling edge ±3.0mm
Total power 16KW
Dimension 3070×1560×1900mm

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