Cellophane Overwrapping Machine

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This machine is imported digital frequency converter and electrical components, which is stable and reliable operation, sealing solid, smooth and beautiful, etc. The machine can make single item or article box automatically wrapped, feeding, folding, heat sealing, packaging, counting and automatically paste security gold tape. Packaging speed can be stepless speed regulation, replacement of folding paperboard and a small number of parts will let the machine packing different specifications of the boxed packaging (Size, height, width). The machine is widely used in medicine, health products, food, cosmetics, stationery, audio and video products, and other IT industry in a variety of box-type items of single-piece automatic packaging.

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    Function of anti-false and moisture-proof, raising the product grade and decoration quality.
    Opened easily, the gap opened cable (easy cable) a cycle to break the seal.
    Controled by Inverter, including temperature-controlled temperature settings, speed, product count display.
    Contacted with other production lines, and has overload protection function.
    It's all engraved with the adjustment point scale, easy to operate.
    Easy to control and adjust the length of film, which can made according with an accurate cut length.
    This machine is equipped with a static elimination device, and ensure the smooth membrane.
    It has a compact structure, beautiful shape, small size, light weight, ultra-quiet, energy-saving materials effective, technologically advanced.

    Cellophane Overwrapping Machine003

    Main Technical Parameters



    Production efficiency

    20-50 (package/Min)

    Range of Package size


    Power Supply

    220V 50-60Hz

    Motor Power


    Electric heating






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