Aligned Machinery New Year’s Party

Aligned Machinery New Year’s Party

——— Summarize the past and go to the future.


PART 1 Annual Summary

Review and summarize the situation of last year, and draw a close to last year.

Watch the 2022 Review Video

It records the growth and harvest, longing and expectation of Aligned people.

We are in the same boat and forge ahead

We ride the wind and waves, overcome thorns and thorns

We work hard, develop and innovate

Deputy General Manager Hong Caixia made a speech

Mainly from the overview of the results in 2022 – summarizing our shortcomings – next year’s plan to elaborate. In particular, it is mentioned: “Maximize the matching of people and posts, and truly realize the material and spiritual happiness of Aligned people.”

Awards ceremony

Best Newcomer Award, Best Progress Award, Advanced Worker…….

Various awards have been handed out, everyone will continue to work hard next year!



PART 2  Looking To The Future

The theme of 2023 is self-sufficiency

General Manager Quan Yue made a speech

Human has two lives
Once is the physical birth
Once is the awakening of the soul
General Manager Quan clearly described the direction and detailed plan we need to move forward in 2023, and showed us the overall organizational structure.



PART 3 Appointment Ceremony

Appointment is not only encouragement and spur, but also hope and trust. I believe that under their leadership, we can all find the direction of life and realize our own value.


Quan Yue-General Manager

He said: “People have two lives in this life. After the change of Aligned’s organizational structure this time, I believe there will be a higher leap.”

Hong Caixia – Deputy General Manager

She said: “We have to embrace that we may fall at any time, and we must also have the determination to get up at any time to face all difficulties. We must sum up our experience from failure and seek a new method.”

Su Xianyi-Marketing Manager

He said: “Make a good foundation and foundation for other departments to move forward, and collectively do a good job in establishing the awareness of the company’s brand!”

Jiang Huanhuan-Sales Manager

She said: “The core keywords of the sales department in 2023 are vitality and sophistication. Vitality: change ourselves and change the company. Sophistication: inherit our excellent culture and pave the way for our future development.”

Tang Haizhou-Product Manager

He said: “Create a price list of the same category, and hand it over to the sales department for reference, and strengthen communication between various departments! Streamline the work process and set high standards.”

Lin Feng-Manager of Finance Department

He said: “This heavy responsibility reminds me of Li Bai’s poem [Da Peng rises with the same wind in one day and soars to 90,000 miles]. Use your ability to the extreme to help Aligned.”



Post time: Feb-10-2023

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