Aligned Technology held a Father’s Day event


Perhaps it takes a break from the warmth of home to grow up quickly. Our loved ones will always be the source of our faith, and home will always be the safe haven that can envelop us in all things.

On June 19, we held a “Father's Day” event at Aligned to pass on the roots of filial piety in Chinese culture and to avoid neglecting filial piety and respect for relatives in a fast-paced era.

We prepared a "gift" with an inverted comma on it, indicating that it is only a prototype that must be completed by our own hands, there is ultra-light clay, sky stars, postcards, make it into the shape you want, and send your blessings to your family and elders.

The staff raised their awareness of the importance of promoting and passing on traditional virtues through this activity, and expressed their intention to set an example for their children or those around them through their own words and deeds of "filial piety and respect for the elderly," which will be passed down from generation to generation.


father's day

Post time: Jun-27-2022

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