• What role does CBD play in the field of pet products?

    What role does CBD play in the field of pet products?

    1. What is CBD? CBD (ie cannabidiol) is the main non-psychiatric component of cannabis. CBD has a variety of pharmacological effects, including anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, antiemetic and anti-inflammatory properties. According to reports retrieved by Web of Science, Scielo and Medline and multi...
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  • Work hand in hand with customer.

    Work hand in hand with customer.

    In 2019, Aligned Technology and customer got to know each other by chance. Previously, Aligned Technology has been sold abroad, and the oral thin film is already a very common dosage form internationally. Since 2003, more than 80 kinds of film preparations have been listed in North America. In 20...
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  • Debate Contest

    Debate Contest

    Debate Contest ————Expand your mind On March 31st, we held a debate event. The purpose of this activity is to expand thinking, improve speaking skills, and strengthen teamwork. Before the competition, we organized groupings, announced the competition system, and announce...
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  • Tanzania business trip Aligned People Are The Best!

    Tanzania business trip Aligned People Are The Best!

    It is the Spring Festival, when everyone is still immersed in the reunion with their families and the joy of the holiday, but some people are shouldering the mission and giving silently. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, Tang Haizhou, the director of Aligned's ...
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  • The 1st Sports Games

    The 1st Sports Games

    Winter is coming, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is full of fragrance! Our company is adhering to the mission of achieving employees, achieving customers, and all employees' material and spiritual happiness. We have established a happiness committee. In order to improve...
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  • Business trip experience

    Business trip experience

    Automatic Oral thin film Packaging machine debugging After the 6-day business trip, the process was smoother than I expected, and the result was satisfactory. I would have given myself a very high grade if I hadn't been trained. But is the truth really like this? Recall ...
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