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——Entering great dragon optical, co.,ltd  

Corporate management needs a philosophy, to achieve a common philosophy with all employees.

Sticking to the philosophy of what is right as a human being, practising the corporate mission and creating happiness for all employees.


At 7:10 a.m., in the misty spring rain, Aligned Machinery's buddies and other Seiwajyuku(management school) fellow students set off for great dragon optical, co.,ltd,(abbreviated as Great Dragonin Taimu Mountain, Fuding, Fujian, China. 7:20 a.m., all the students arrived at the factory square, which has a beautiful and staggered landscape with a full set of production equipment and living facilities.

As soon as we entered the factory, we immediately felt the grandness of the weekly meeting of the whole staff of Great Dragon. All the employees were doing the morning exercises with full of spirit, and their movements were skillful and neat. After the morning exercises, we started the morning exercise - the Eight Duan Jin. We couldn't help but dance along with it. The spring rain, perhaps unable to withstand everyone's enthusiasm, began to drift violently, but all of us remained stationary and stayed put, reciting together the "Great Dragon Philosophy", the company's mission, vision, values and the twelve management principles of Kazuo Inamori. A day's work lies in the morning, and this kind of morning exercise and morning meeting has been going on at Great Dragon for several years.

Afterwards, we went to the workshop, and what struck us even more was that the workshop, the office area, the halls and the corridors were almost all covered with Mr. Inamori's management philosophy, the Twelve Management principles, the Six endeavors, the Qualifications of a Leader, etc., so that the employees were always immersed in the atmosphere of philosophy, so that Great Dragon could truly share its philosophy with its employees.

What we can see is the happy smiling faces of the employees and the feeling that the family of Great Dragon is warm and energetic.

And then, the group walked together to Conference Room. 1. where the whole group sang "Song of Motherland" and read the "Great Dragon Philosophy" together with the leader of the group. Afterwards, we moved to the spacious and philosophical Conference Room. 2.where Mr. Dong Ganming spoke about the history of Great Dragon's establishment and corporate growth. At the end of 2008, the financial crisis broke out and Great Dragon, as a foreign trade export enterprise, saw its efficiency fluctuate drastically with the changes in the international environment and its sales dropped sharply. In the following years, the business performance also fluctuated from good to bad. In order to turn the situation around, he attended almost all types of training in China and sought medical advice everywhere, but the business was still not improving. In 2015, Mr Dong was fortunate enough to meet Seiwajyuku and its director, Mr Inamori, and regarded him as a spiritual idol and star to follow throughout his life as an entrepreneur of great righteousness and fame. Under the influence of Inamori's philosophy, Great Dragon found his mission, and the purpose and meaning of his work. Since then Mr. Dong has been headlong into the study of Inamori's management philosophy. Whether he is abroad, on business trips, or on holiday, he always has 2-3 of Mr. Inamori's books in his bag and reads them whenever he can, almost without fail.

With what is right as a human being as the theoretical basis, and altruism to the world as its judgment policy, Great Dragon cultivated a group of teams with true conscience and integrity, and embodied the bright heart of selfless altruism in its corporate management, spreading love and light. In the three years that followed, Great Dragon figured out a comprehensive and systematic way to introduce the essentials of the Inamori management system, and the soil of management changed dramatically and made a qualitative leap forward.

Mr. Dong has always strived to make the company a pleasant, warm, loving, dojo for those who struggle, and he has done so. The manager of Great Dragon's foreign trade department, who entered Great Dragon with only a junior high school education, slowly learned and refined at Great Dragon, grew into a manager of the foreign trade department who could take charge of his own, and stood out in all of Great Dragon's internal assessments. The proud power of the enterprise in him touched everyone on our tour, which is a vivid sign of the flesh and blood of the enterprise's mission. And now, Great Dragon continues to train more strivers because their strong sense of mission makes them keep on refining their souls and improving themselves.

Finally, Mr. Dong gave a training on amoeba management to all the fellow students, learning what it means to be self-managed and independently accounted for. And to be able to apply this model within the company. They also learnt how to make an amoeba annual management plan, improve the added value per unit of time. Combined with Great Dragon's own amoeba experience, we all found it very beneficial.

In the context of the current economic situation of the epidemic, Mr. Dong also shared great wisdom on leapfrogging through the recession, including 1 preventive countermeasure + 5 coping strategies. One of the 1 preventive countermeasures refers to creating high returns, while the 5 coping strategies, namely

1: Be prepared to market and attack with all hands

2: Develop new factory products and explore new business models

3: All hands on deck to cut costs completely

4: Once work starts, productivity must be high

5: Build good interpersonal relationships

"A small good is like a great evil, a great good is a great love", Great Dragon Optics always upholds the name and mission of great righteousness, not only leading the staff within the enterprise to happiness, but also infecting the fellow practitioners of Wenzhou Seiwajyuku(management school) to refine and move forward together against the wind. Let the philosophy be shared with all employees and let every employee participate in the operation, under the call of the mission, to jointly build the dojo of the strivers and turn the enterprise into a truly beautiful home.


Post time: Jun-16-2022

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